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We're on a mission... help individuals realize economic opportunity through the pursuit of vocational training. We do this by modernizing the tech stack in vocational schools and using technology to connect students to schools and employers.

Rishi Satoor

Rishi Satoor


Rishi is always seeking out ways in which technology can make lives easier. His goal at Pathway Labs is to address the needs and burdens felt at the administrative level, ultimately helping the school provide more resources to their student body. He graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with degrees in Computer Sciences and Mathematics.


Miles Moriarty

Account Executive

Miles has a proven track record of helping trade and vocational schools across the country during his time at Pathway Labs. His consultative approach allows him to deeply understand each organization's unique challenges, and he works tirelessly to find solutions that enable growth. Miles is dedicated to helping his clients succeed and is always willing to go the extra mile… or Miles in this case.

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Ryan Ward

Head of Growth

Ryan believes strongly in helping schools grow effectively and efficiently. There is a lot of room to innovate and improve in the education space, and he believes vocational education can sometimes be overlooked in comparison to the "traditional college" route. At Pathway Labs, he aims to help schools scale their operations and take their trade or vocational programs to the next level.