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Maintain Title IV Compliance

We've partnered with leading compliance experts to build a workflow solution that minimizes your regulatory risk while allowing you to still drive top line growth and run your operations more efficiently.

Undergoing an Audit?

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All of Your Data at Your Fingertips

It's your data, and we believe in giving you access to customized reports that fit your needs.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Easily pull data and custom reports as needed for regulators and accreditation bodies.

Keep Track of Student Statuses

Quickly keep tabs on student enrollment statuses and ensure you notify regulators in a timely manner.

Visualize Data with Custom Reports

Build out visual representations of your school data that fits your school's unique reporting needs.

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Be Prepared for Your Next Audit

More than half of Title IV Audit infractions come from only 7 causes.

1. Repeated Missteps

Consecutive years of noncompliance in the same area

2. Student Status Errors

Incorrect or untimely updates to the Department regarding student status changes

3. R2T4 Snafus

Incorrectly calculating R2T4 when students withdraw from all classes during a payment period

4. R2T4 Funds Made Late

Failure to return funds to the department in a timely manner

5. Verification Violations

Incomplete or untimely verification of a student's aid application

6. Student Credit balance Deficiencies

Failure to administer Title IV credit balances on behalf of students or parents

7. Auditor Opinion

An auditor cites an opinion of noncompliance

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