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Software to Help CDL Programs Run Better

Our cutting-edge software is designed to streamline your operations, eliminate outdated paper-driven processes, and enhance your students' experience. Here's how our CDL software can transform your school:

How Does MyPath Work?

MyPath is an all-in-one student information system to optimize the operations of truck driving schools.

Digitize Admissions
Manage Communication
Track Academic Progress
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Digitize Everything with Document Storage and Enrollment

• Online application
• Virtual driver permit verification during enrollment.
• Centralize student information

Track Graduation and Job Placement

• License and certification management
• Employer information system
• Test results monitoring

Simplify Attendance Tracking

• 100% digital attendance tracking
• QR codes for clock in and clock out programs

Enhance Course Tracking and Student Access

• Intuitive online course cataloguing
• Real-time access to progress via student portal

Ensure Compliance and Reporting Excellence

• Simple reporting and compliance tools
• Metrics for FMCSA's ELDT regulations

Integrations and Partnerships

• Open system for seamless integration with other vendors
• Existing integrations with select financial aid service providers, CDL LMS providers, and CRMs

Want to see MyPath in action?

Join us in revolutionizing trucking school management and watch your institution thrive. Book a demo today.

Why Do You Need a Student Information System?

Here's why your trucking school should have a student information in place.

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Streamline Admissions

Simplify the enrollment process for prospective students with MyPath, featuring a user-friendly applicant portal collects required documents and signatures, saving your team hours of back and forth communication.

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Automate Tasks & Communication

MyPath features a centralized platform to text and email students that centralizes communication in one place for streamlined management.

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Track Student Progress

Track student progress towards program completion. View student grades, attendance, completed hours, and more all from within the Pathway student information system.

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